My Philosophy

I view my care as a service dedicated to helping families achieve the birth of their choice. I watch over you and your baby. I guide and support you in your choices; not decide them for you. I counsel and educate, encouraging parents to make informed choices. I hope to inspire confidence in your ability to give birth.

At births, I carefully monitor mother and baby throughout . After the birth I stay a while to help tidy up, and to ensure that all is well . If problems arise, I will refer to medical aid, but will continue to provide you with information about procedures and to offer support in making decisions.

I am experienced and confident in the use of water for labour and/or birth.

 I make all visits in your home, at your convenience not only monitoring your physical process, but also offering counselling and support - with plenty of time to answer your questions and help you with your concerns.Pre-natal care not only safeguards your health and the health of your baby, but allows you to learn more about your body and your baby as the pregnancy progresses.

I make a number of post-natal visits to you in the weeks following your birth. I monitor the mother's and baby's physical progress, and ensure breast feeding is well established. Also, I hope to provide emotional support for parents experiencing fears and uncertainties about their new responsibilities.